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Best Moon Songs written on Earth Vol. 1 (30 Tracks)

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Moon Songs Vol.1 compiled by

As the Earth’s only natural satellite and closest celestial body, the moon inspires us to …

These 22 Don’t Worry Songs Are About Worrying Less

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Don't Worry Songs About Worrying Less

This list is about songs that can draw attention to the uselessness of worrying. Sometimes …

26 Of The Coolest Sprechgesang Songs #1

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Cool Sprechgesang Songs Vol.1

Why are more and more lead singers of bands talking instead of singing and why …

30 Of The Best New Zealand Female Indie Singers & Bands #1

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Best of New Zealand Female Indie Singers & Bands

Although New Zealand only has around 5 million inhabitants, the New Zealand indie music scene … Remix Compilation #1 (40 Epic Remixes)

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Remix Compilation Vol. 1

There are so many remixes, often several for one song. But not every remix has …

22 Best Songs about Galaxies

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Best Songs about Galaxies

In our everyday life on earth, we are not so much aware of the fact …

40 Of The Best 2020s Female Indie Singers & Bands – Vol. 1

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2020s' Best Female Indie Singers & Bands

Are you looking for the best female indie singers and bands of the 2020s? Then …

20 Of The Best Dream Pop Songs – Vol. 1

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Best Dream Pop Songs Vol. 1

Dream pop is not so easy to put in a pigeonhole. It is a style …

28 Best Songs about Downtown, Inner City

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Songs about Downtown

Downtown (the word is used predominantly in North America for city center) is the pulsating …

12 Best Songs with Anthem or Hymn in the Title

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Best Songs with 'Anthem' or 'Hymn' in Title

Before we get to the best songs with the word ‘anthem’ or ‘hymn’ in the …

19 Best Songs about Pressure

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Best Songs about Pressure

When the intensity and frequency of unpleasant and difficult things in life becomes too much …

8 Best Buffy Sainte-Marie Songs (Handpicked)

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Buffy Sainte-Marie handpicked songs

Did you know that one of the most famous movie songs of the 80s was …

23 Best Songs about Living in the Moment (Now-Time)

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Best Songs about Living in the Moment

For us humans, living in the moment, in the present, is important for our mental …

12 Best Songs About Enjoying Life

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Songs about Enjoying Your Life

Everyone wants to enjoy life, but somehow humanity does not yet have the key to …

31 Best Songs About Silence

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Best Silence Songs

After listening to following songs about silence and quiet things in life, you may feel …

16 Great Songs About Trouble in Life

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Great songs about trouble in our life

This song list is about trouble in our life, the seemingly unsolvable problems, often produced …

32 Best Indie Songs of 2013

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best indie songs 2013

The most commercially successful songs are being played up and down the radio. Certainly, there is …

34 Best Songs About Breathing – So, First Take A Breath

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Songs About Breathing

The cycle of breathing accompanies us our whole life, like day and night, high and …

4 Best Songs About Actresses (Female Movie Stars)

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Songs about Actresses

To say it right at the beginning: unfortunately, we were able to compile fewer songs …

9 Best Songs About Actors (Male Movie Stars)

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Songs about Actors

Actors are inspired by musicians, singers. It’s the same the other way around, as this …

2010s‘ Best U.S. Female Indie Singers & Bands Vol. 1

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2010s‘ U.S. Female Indie Singers & Bands

If you search the internet for indie bands and indie singers from a certain decade, …

19 Best Songs With Animal Sounds (Real Noises)

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Songs with Animal Sounds

In this song list we have compiled the best songs with real animal sounds.  In addition …

12 Best Songs about Sunday including 4 Sunday Morning Tunes

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Songs about Sunday (Morning)

You may not believe it, but Sunday is not the most popular day of the …

20 Best Melancholic Indie Songs of UK‘s Bittersweet 80s

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Melancholic Indie Songs UK 80s

The punk music from the 70s paved the way for considerable 80s bands of new …

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