‘Bette Davis Eyes’ Song: Jackie deShannon, Kim Carnes …

Bette Davis Eyes is once again such an extraordinary song, which became world famous only with the cover version.
The original version of the song Bette Davis Eyes, which Jackie DeShannon composed together with Donna Weiss, and the cover version by Kim Carnes could hardly be more different.

Original Version of „Bette Davis Eyes“ by Jackie deShannon

When Jackie DeShannon and Donna Weiss composed and wrote the original version of the song Bette Davis Eyes in 1974, they could not have imagined that about seven years later a cover version of the song as a New Wave synthesizer tune would become a world hit and write music history.

The original version of Bette Davis Eyes can be assigned to the musical styles of country rock and folk. And that's also the exciting thing about this song: you probably don't realize right away when listening to Jackie DeShannon's single, which huge potential is hidden in the song as a New Wave Synthesizer cover version.

Besides, it was not Jackie DeShannon's goal to release a commercially successful single with Bette Davis Eyes. The song was "only" released for her album "New Arrangement".

Cover Version of „Bette Davis Eyes“ by Kim Carnes

The Kim Carnes cover version of Bette Davis Eyes is characterized mainly by Kim's distinctive voice in combination with the unmistakably beautiful synthesizer riffs.

The song, released as a single in 1981, captured the number one spot on the official U.S. singles chart Billboard Hot 100 and held the top position for nine weeks.

The single was also extremely successful internationally, with the cover version reaching the top of the official singles charts in numerous countries.

Kim Carnes' version of Bette Davis Eyes became one of the most internationally successful singles of the 80s.

Despite its age, the cover is by no means musically dusty, but a timeless masterpiece of the 80s. It's one of those songs you can listen to over and over again without it getting on your nerves.

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