Bicep – Atlas

Atlas is a breakbeat/house track by Northern Irish band Bicep from 2020 and the first single from their album Isles, released in early 2021.

About the song Atlas

The Guardian album review (2021)

The British music magazine of The Guardian associates the Isles album opener Atlas with music from bands like Future Sound of London and Orbital as follows:
"(...) - although anyone who remembers Future Sound of London’s 1991 hit Papua New Guinea and Orbital’s Halcyon is going to feel a certain degree of nostalgia when confronted with opening track Atlas’s cocktail of syncopated beats, ineffably melancholy wordless female vocal samples and warm electronics - (...)"[1]

Phonica Records 12" single review (2021)

London music label and independent records shop Phonica Records summarized the track musically and in the context of the Bicep world tour concisely:
"With synth lines that ebb and flow across broken percussion and ethereal vocal snatches, the track was conceived as they toured their immense live-show across the globe."[2]

RA Music Magazine single review (2020)

The English music magazine RA (Resident Advisor) described the track in a single review in the form of a checklist, which is checked off one by one:
"Fans salivating over pre-release clips? Check. Breakbeats? Check. Swooning trance synths? Of course. A nagging sense of melancholy? Yes, even that."[3]

FAQ about the song Atlas by Bicep

Who is associated with the song?

  • Andrew Ferguson (Northern Irish DJ, electronic music producer, Bicep member)
  • Matthew McBriar (Northern Irish DJ, electronic music producer, Bicep member)
  • Ofra Haza (Israeli singer-songwriter)
  • Bezalel Aloni (Israeli composer, record producer)
  • Ninja Tune Label

Which album is the track on?


When was the single released?

24 March 2020.


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