Dorsal Fins – Monday Tuesday

Monday Tuesday by Australian indie-pop band Dorsal Fins is the second track from their album Mind Renovation, released on February 13, 2015. 
The band had no less than nine members when the song came out.

Official music video

Date of release: 2015, July 11
Type of music release: Album track, digital single download
From album: Mind Renovation
Songwriters: Ella Thompson, Liam McGorry
Producer: Dorsal Fins
Label: Gripless

Lyrics interpretation of the song

The following is a possible interpretation of the lyrics to Monday Tuesday by Dorsal Fins. Please note that these are only approximations of the lyrics and these interpretations make no claim to accuracy or correctness. It is possible that the interpretations may not reflect the intentions of the songwriters of Monday Tuesday. Therefore, consider them only an attempt at song interpretation.

With a total of 13 lines, the lyrics of Monday Tuesday are relatively short. 

The song title can be derived from the context of the lyrics, it is possibly about two failed meetings, one on a Monday and another on a Tuesday, of two very close people.

It seems to be about a relationship breakdown between the protagonist and another person.
The other person is not well, feels lost and lonely.

The protagonist tried unsuccessfully on a Monday and also on a Tuesday to possibly make an appointment with the other person. However, the other person did not show up each time.

Finally, if you go by the end of the lyrics, it seems that the two of them have not managed to come together despite repeated phone calls from the other person.

What music magazines wrote about 'Monday Tuesday'

Beat Magazine article (2015)

The song is by no means a superficial pop song, but possesses introspection and depth, as Australian Beat Magazine states:
"This song manages to capture the inherent duality of ‘80s neo-Goth/post punk artists like The Smiths: an ostensibly upbeat style that reveals an introspection and depth through the use of the minor key and emotional yet slightly vacant vocals."[1]

FAQ about the song Monday Tuesday by Dorsal Fins

Who is associated with the song?

  • Ella Thompson (singer, writer of the song)
  • Liam McGorry (trumpet, writer of the song)
  • Jarrad Brown (singer)
  • and further Dorsal Fins band members
  • Jason Galea (music video creator)
  • Gripless Label


[1] Wray, T. (2015, February 22). Dorsal Fins : Mind Renovation. Beat Magazine.

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