Dorsal Fins – Monday Tuesday

Monday Tuesday by Australian indie-pop band Dorsal Fins is the second track from their album Mind Renovation, released on February 13, 2015. 
The band had no less than nine members when the song came out.

About the song Monday Tuesday

Beat Magazine article (2015)

The song is by no means a superficial pop song, but possesses introspection and depth, as Australian Beat Magazine states:
"This song manages to capture the inherent duality of ‘80s neo-Goth/post punk artists like The Smiths: an ostensibly upbeat style that reveals an introspection and depth through the use of the minor key and emotional yet slightly vacant vocals."[1]

FAQ about the song Monday Tuesday by Dorsal Fins

Who is associated with the song?

  • Ella Thompson (singer, writer of the song)
  • Liam McGorry (trumpet, writer of the song)
  • Jarrad Brown (singer)
  • and further Dorsal Fins band members
  • Jason Galea (music video creator)
  • Gripless Label


[1] Wray, T. (2015, February 22). Dorsal Fins : Mind Renovation. Beat Magazine.

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