‘I Go To Sleep’ Song: Pretenders, Peggy Lee …

You may not have known it, but the song "I Go To Sleep" was originally written in 1965 by Ray Davis, the lead singer of the English band The Kinks. 

There are some timelessly beautiful cover versions of the song, including newer interpretations.

As you're about to learn in this "Uncover" blog post, the song „I Go to Sleep“ has been taken on by international pop music heavyweights.

Let the original and the cover versions have an effect on you. There's bound to be at least one interpretation of the song that you particularly like.

„I Go to Sleep“ - Pretenders

The British band Pretenders released a cover of the song in 1981.

„I Go to Sleep“ - Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee's version is one of the first released cover versions of "I Go to Sleep". In fact, Peggy Lee's interpretation appeared already in 1965. 

„I Go to Sleep“ - Anika

The British singer-songwriter Anika has released a cover version of the song in 2010, which is not so easy to put into a music category as the other versions (rather pop). 

„I Go to Sleep“ - The Kinks

And now the original version of "I Go to Sleep" by The Kinks.

The original by The Kinks has finally found a home on the second CD, as the eleventh track on the Deluxe Edition (2 Cd Set) of The Kinks second album "Kinda Kinks". 

It is a demo recorded by Ray Davis on May 24, 1965 at Regent Sound Studios in London.

„I Go to Sleep“ - Sia

In 2007, Australian singer-songwriter Sia released the album "Some People Have REAL Problems."

The album includes "I Go to Sleep" as the seventh track.

„I Go to Sleep“ - Cher

Shortly after the composition of the song "I Go to Sleep" by Ray Davis, in 1965, the album "All I Really Want to Do" by Cher was released. On this Cher album, the song can be found as the second track.

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