Jon Hopkins – Everything Connected

Everything Connected is a track by English electronic musician Jon Hopkins. There is an Official Audio (Animated Video) for Everything Connected on YouTube.

Official Music Video

Year of release: 2018
Type of music release: single
From the album: Singularity
Music genre: Electronic
Producer: Jon Hopkins
Label: Domino
Official Website:

What music magazines wrote about 'Everything Connected'


"On Wednesday afternoon, he shared a new cut from the record, an expansive and all-encompassing track called "Everything Connected"."[1]


"(...), his new song “Everything Connected” is a nearly six-minute electronic soundscape that takes you through the circle of life."[2]


"But the real thrill of “Everything Connected” comes from closely tracking its slow development until it becomes a kind of meditation, a process that is much more rewarding over ten minutes than it is in five."[3]


"Beginning with a invigorating beat, circled by clusters of intricate, wheezy percussion the track gradually folds together before Hopkins gently unfurls a breezy keyboard line and wide-screen ambient sounds."[4]

NPR (National Public Radio)

In an interview with NPR, Jon Hopkins revealed the following about the track:
"I started writing "Everything Connected" in 2010 (under the working title "Halo") and it has been through many, many iterations."[5]


"Highlights ‘Emerald Rush’ and ‘Everything Connected’ are as lush as they promise, both ready for emotional unboxing in your choice of Boiler Room or bedroom."[6]


In an article, BrooklynVegan wrote about the animated music video for the track:
"It comes in the form of a very cool computer-animated video that follows some alien sea creatures as the song’s bass throbs and beats distort the field of vision."[7]


"He’s a master of atmosphere, sound and rhythms, and “Everything Connected” is a sweet slice of all those things and more with a super interstellar sheen of excitement."[8]


"“Everything” is a beat-forward track, moving in fits and starts like a strong organic pulse."[9]

The Quietus

"Excellently crafted beats emerge throughout the album in tracks like ‘Neon Pattern Drum’, ‘Emerald Rush’ - also released as a single - and most notably in the hefty ‘Everything Connected’, which Hopkins describes as a “massive techno bastard”."[10]

RA (Resident Advisor)

"A minute-long bit on "Everything Connected," where 4/4 kicks and stadium-friendly guitars converge in rail-straight lines, recalls a blandly euphoric shade of Coldplay, with whom Hopkins has worked in the past."[11]


"The album‘s centerpiece, “Everything Connected,” is an imposing 10-minute techno odyssey, and as close as the genre has gotten to a blockbuster moment."[12]


"(...) from the titular opening track through the enormous, cathartic pinnacle of the ten-and-a-half-minute centrepiece "Everything Connected," it's a gritty, pummelling techno record;"[13]

Drowned in Sound

"Centre-piece and recent single ‘Everything Connected’, for instance plays to a similar beat and rhythm as ‘Open Eye Signal’, the monster track from Immunity, though in this instance, the track feeds into the rest of the record (...)"[14]


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