Katy J Pearson – Take Back The Radio

Take Back The Radio is a 2020 song by English singer-songwriter Katy J Pearson. It is the eighth track on her debut album Return.

About the song Take Back The Radio

The Skinny article (2022)

The Scottish Arts and Culture magazine The Skinny indirectly praises the single Take Back The Radio in the album review for subsequent album.
None of the singles from her album Sound of the Morning are said to rival Miracle or Take Back The Radio, as you can read here:
"Granted, none of the singles from Sound of the Morning reach the same heights as Miracle or Take Back the Radio,..."[1]

The Guardian - 'Tracks of the week' article (2020)

The 'Tracks of the week' article by British daily newspaper The Guardian from May 8, 2020 states about the song:
"A softly psychedelic sashay into the first whispers of summer, Take Back the Radio is an addictive whoop of pure joy."[2]

Paste article (2022)

The American music magazine Paste described the song as follows:
"The five-minute “Take Back the Radio” revolved around scintillating keyboards, not Pearson’s signature guitar, along with her chirrupy, almost Disney-cheery trill."[3]

New Musical Express article (2020)

In an interview with NME (New Musical Express), Katy J Pearson revealed a few things about the song's genesis and what role her brother played in it:
"I wrote ‘Take Back The Radio’ while I was in Bristol with my brother. He started playing the chorus and I thought it was really cool, so I started singing, “take back the radio” along to it."[4]

Clash article (2020)

The British music magazine Clash wrote about the song:
"Out now on Heavenly, 'Take Back The Radio' is a buoyant indie pop burner, with that crisp guitar set against her lilting vocal."[5]

Who is associated with the song?

  • Katy J Pearson (singer-songwriter)
  • The brother of Katy J Pearson (contributed guitar)[3]


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