Kirin J. Callinan feat. Connan Mockasin – Living Each Day

Living Each Day is a song by Australian singer-songwriter Kirin J. Callinan, with featured New Zealand musician and producer Connan Mockasin.

Official Music Video

At the very beginning of the music video Living Each Day you can see Kirin J. Callinan running away from a hospital, the Providence St. Joseph Medical Centre in Burbank, in the Californian sunshine and under a cloudless sky. He is only wearing a light blue hospital gown, which is open at the back, in other words not tied up.
Finally, he disappears into a Western Clothing Store, the Country General Store in Burbank. When he leaves the shop again, Kirin J. Callinan is seen wearing a black leather cowboy outfit. He is carrying a striking black and red electric guitar, the exact model is: B.C. Rich - Mk3 Warbeast 7-String Electric Guitar - Black Devil.[4]   

Information about the song

  • Month of release: May 2017
  • Type of music release: Album track
  • From album: Bravado
  • Genre: Art pop, Glam rock
  • Label: Terrible
  • Music video director: Kii Arens

Lyrics interpretation

These are possible interpretations of some lines from the lyrics of Living Each Day by Kirin J. Callinan ft. Connan Mockasin. Please note that these are only approximations of the lyrics and these interpretations do not claim to to be able to accurately convey the meaning of the song as intended by the songwriters. See it as an attempt at lyrics interpretation.

The lyrics begin with the story of a son whose father was dying. The father told his son that he should live each day. 

Immediately afterwards comes a surprising twist in the lyrics. It is possible that the son was only reading this saying on a fridge magnet. Ultimately, however, it doesn't matter where this call to live every day came from, the son simply had to live every day.

After all, he withdrew all his money from his bank because he wanted it to be as if it was his last day.

Now the lyrics switch from the past to the present.

The listener of the song is directly asked to live life as if it were the last day. The singer suggests things you can do when you have the last day to live.

Switched from present to past, things are listed what the protagonist did, for instance he asked his beloved to dance and then kissed her.

And now comes a funny twist, it's taken ad absurdum: "When he got the chance live each day then he, he had a sandwich".

Although the song Living Each Day and the music video are very funny, it has an important message for life: Live this day now, because it could be your last. A call to live in the here and now and not in the future or the past.

What music magazines wrote about 'Living Each Day'

Under the Radar

In an article about the official music video for Living Each Day, Under the Radar wrote:
"Kii Arens directed the ridiculous and amusing clip, which features Callinan in various cowboy outfits and includes Mockasin riding a shark."[1]


"Recorded over a couple of days in Mark Ronson’s London studio, the song is a collaboration with Connan Mockasin, another artist bringing absurdity to the singer-songwriter mythos."[2]


Stereogum wrote about the official music video for the track Living Each Day:
"The video, which was directed by Kii Arens, places Callinan and friends against a number of ridiculous backdrops."[3]


About the official video for the track, SPIN wrote:
"Ultimately, the clip leans too hard on Tim & Eric-style greenscreen kitsch to reach the same ecstatic high as its predecessor, but it’s still more fun than anything else you’re likely to see from an indie rocker this year."[4]


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