Lindstrøm – I Feel Space

I Feel Space is a track by Norwegian DJ, music producer Lindstrøm (Hans-Peter Lindstrøm) and was released in the midst of the 2010s.
The track appeared on the compilation It's a Feedelity Affair with ten other 12" versions, all of which are also by Lindstrøm.

About the song I Feel Space

Pitchfork single review (2016)

Beginning a review of the single Closing Shot, music magazine Pitchfork retrospectively raved about I Feel Space in 2016 like this:
"Just think of 2005's soaring "I Feel Space," its synthesizers trembling and surging like green vines caught in a time-lapse video."[1]

PopMatters compilation review (2006)

That I Feel Space received remarkable attention from audiences on dance floors is underscored by this statement from a 2006 PopMatters article:
"The Norwegian electronic wizard has been remixing the DFA and killing electroheads around the world with hits like “I Feel Space” for a while, so much so that the label “space disco” already feels entirely his own."[2]

Fact music magazine interview with Hans-Peter Lindstrøm (2008)

In the intro text to an Lindstrøm interview article, UK music magazine Fact wrote about the influence of Lindstrøm's most popular track to date:
"Despite the impact that Lindstrom tracks such as ‘I Feel Space’ have had on dancefloors over the past few years, he remains something of a perennial outsider in the contemporary dance scene."[3]

FAQ about the song I Feel Space by Lindstrøm

Who is associated with the song?

  • Hans-Peter Lindstrøm (Norwegian DJ, music producer)

Which compilation is the track on?

It's a Feedelity Affair

When was the single released?

April 1, 2005

On which Label was the single released?

Feedelity Recordings


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