Margo Guryan – Sunday Morning

The song Sunday Morning by American singer-songwriter Margo Guryan is the first track on her sole album Take A Picture which was released in October 1968.

To be precise, on her album the name of the track is Sunday Mornin', so the last letter g in morning was omitted and an apostrophe was used instead.

About the song Sunday Morning

It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine interview (2018)

Margo Guryan revealed in an interview from 2018 with 'It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine' that she decided to write a really dirty song because of a joking remark by comedian Len Maxwell, and that was Sunday Morning.
Eventually, the track has become one of her most played and most recorded songs:
"I thought I’d write a really dirty song with lyrics that were unmistakable. It turned out to be ‘Sunday Morning’…which has turned out to be one of my most-recorded and most-played songs!"[1]

Aquarium Drunkard article (2011)

The Los Angeles-based online music journal Aquarium Drunkard, in a 2011 article about the album Take A Picture, picked out the two album tracks Sunday Morning (first track) and Love (eleventh track).

They found these songs interesting for a comparison because of their dissimilarities and described the track Sunday Morning this way:
"The first exemplifies the more “straightforward” tone of the album, ...".[2]

PopMatters article (2000)

On the occasion of the re-release of the album Take A Picture, the online pop culture magazine PopMatters wrote about Sunday Morning in October 2000:
"Indeed, these are simple lyrics describing an intimate Sunday experience in a tasteful, descriptive way. Whether or not by design I am not sure, but the chords and melody paint an aural landscape of freshness, brightness, hope and intimacy, ...".[3]

Who is associated with the song?

  • Margo Guryan (singer-songwriter)
  • David Rosner (producer)
  • John Hill (producer)
  • Len Maxwell (comedian)
  • Spanky and Our Gang (1960s sunshine pop band)
  • Linus of Hollywood (singer-songwriter)
  • and some more who recorded the song

In which series is the song played?

  • Kindred (Dana - Season 1 Episode 1)[4]: American science fiction television series premiered on December 13, 2022


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