Olympia – Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals was released in March 2016 by Australian singer-songwriter Olympia, who is also a guitarist. It's the fourth single release from her debut album Self Talk.

Official Music Video

  • Month of release: March 2016
  • Type of music release: Single
  • From album: Self Talk
  • Genre: Art pop, Indie rock
  • Label: Universal Music Australia

What music magazines wrote about 'Smoke Signals'

The Interns

In an article about her album Self Talk, the Australian music blog The Interns wrote about the track Smoke Signals:
"(...) but Smoke Signals may be the strongest yet. Accompanied by a lo-fi, Blondie-like video, the track is a melodic yet distorted piece of indie-rock."[1]

Your Music Radar

What inspired Olympia to write the track Smoke Signals and what she herself said about it:
"Smoke Signals is about someone’s internal and unseen chaos, inspired in part by Japanese reality TV show Sweepstakes Life. (...)"[2]


"New cut 'Smoke Signals' is fast becoming a breakout moment, a stunning piece of pop music dominated by that heart-stopping vocal."[3]


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[2] Porter, G. (2016, March 10). Olympia – smoke signals. Your Music Radar. https://www.yourmusicradar.com/olympia-smoke-signals/

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