Santigold – Disparate Youth

Disparate Youth is the lead single from Santigold's second album. Santigold is an american singer-songwriter who is musically active since 2001.

Official Music Video

  • Date of release: 14 February 2012
  • Type of music release: Single
  • From album: Master of My Make-Believe
  • Genre: Electronic rock, dubtonica
  • Song-writers: Santigold, Ricardo Johnson, Nick Zinner
  • Producer: Ricky Blaze
  • Label: Atlantic

What music magazines wrote about 'Disparate Youth'

The Guardian

"The much easier-on-the-ear Disparate Youth is the album's first "proper" single and it's an absolute corker, all sleek new-wave keyboards mixed with frantic bursts of guitar and Santigold's intriguingly emotionless delivery."[1]


"Santigold and Sam Fleischner directed this video for Ricky Blaze-produced "Disparate Youth", in which Santi gathers a crew of kids in a jungle fort."[2]


"In the clip, Santigold rides a motorcycle and a speedboat through some gorgeous Caribbean locale before wandering into some sort of voodoo-type magical ritual."[3]


"“Don’t look ahead, there’s stormy weather,” Santigold begins on “Disparate Youth,” the spacious, guitar-pierced second single from her May 1 sophomore album Master of My Make Believe."[4]


"“We know now we want more/ A life worth fighting for,” chants the Philly native on the rebellious rock-tinged anthem."[5]

NME (New Musical Express)

"Speaking to V Magazine, Santigold recently explained that she has worked with Greg Kurstin, Dave Sitek and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the record."[6]


"There's a distinct Duran Duran "Hungry Like the Wolf" vibe that we bow down to with face-painted boys and time spent luxuriating on a boat."[7]


"While "Big Mouth" was a little over the top, "Disparate Youth" is slightly more subtle, incorporating elements of rock and pop into the singer's usual melting pot of styles."[8]


In the interview with the music magazine CLASH, Santigold, when asked if she was inspired by the global protests of the last 18 months (interview was published on April 23, 2012), answered regarding the song Disparate Youth:
"I even put that in a lyric at the end of ‘Dispirate Youth’, it’s just something that’s unsettled. Things aren’t right and there’s this rumbling like fix it, fix it, fix it." [Editor's note: writing error in original -> the song title is correctly Disparate Youth][9]


"With a dub reggae half-step tempo, shimmering synth leads, and soothing vocals, “Disparate Youth” sounds unlike previous bass-driving tribal Santigold tracks."[10]


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