Savoy Motel – Sorry People

Sorry People is a single release by American band Savoy Motel from their 2016 debut album, which is titled the same as the band's name, Savoy Motel. Their music, although they originate from Nashville, the country music city par excellence, cannot be easily pigeonholed into an obvious musical genre.

Official Music Video

  • Year of release: 2016
  • Type of music release: Single
  • From debut album: Savoy Motel
  • Genres: Modern southern rock, glam rock, power pop, disco rock
  • Song-writers: Jeffrey Novak, Jessica McFarland, Mimi Galbierz, Dillon Watson
  • Producer: Jeffrey Novak
  • Label: What's Your Rupture?

What music magazines wrote about 'Sorry People'

Under the Radar

"Last month the band shared the album’s second single, “Sorry People,” a song inspired by the late musician Jay Reatard, who was a friend to Savoy Motel bassist/vocalist Jeffrey Novak."[1]


"We’ve already posted their song “Souvenir Shop Rock,” and now they’ve also shared the strutting, Jay Reatard-inspired “Sorry People.”"[2]

Paste Magazine

"The Dylan Carver-directed “Sorry People” visual speaks beautifully to the band’s style of straightforward roots rock."[3]


"“Sorry People” is a pretty good representation of what Savoy Motel do: it’s funky, glammy and twitchy all in equal measures with the unmistakable sound of that vintage Maestro Rhythm King drum machine ticking along."[4]


"However, Savoy Motel's clever record-collector references and kitschy lo-tech dressing ultimately play supporting roles to the insidious, interlocking hooks and seductive swagger of songs like “Sorry People,” “Everyone Wants to Win,” and “Hot One.”"[5]

Impose Magazine

"“Sorry People” has a riff that reminds one of “American Woman” by the Guess Who and a long guitar solo that puts you right into an arena circa 1975."[6]

DIY Magazine

"‘Sorry People’ is all call and response swagger while ‘Mindless Blues’ is a space age jam session fuelled by Royal Trux."[7]

What other musicians said about the band Savoy Motel

Paul Weller

English musician Paul Weller revealed to the NME that he likes the band Savoy Motel and their debut album:
"I quite like an American band called Savoy Motel; I like their last record."[8]


A band member of Melvins recommended the band Savoy Motel in the episode 'Melvins - What's In My Bag?' of the YouTube channel 'What's In My Bag?' by American independent music store chain Amoeba Music.[9]


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