Solange – Lovers In The Parking Lot

Solange Knowles released the single Lovers In The Parking Lot in September 2013, and it is the fourth track on her EP True, which was previously released in November 2012. The official music video for the song, made in collaboration with The Creators Project, was shot exclusively in her hometown of Houston, Texas.

Official Music Video

  • Date of release: September 18, 2013
  • Type of music release: Single
  • From EP: True
  • Genre: Neo soul
  • Song-writers: Devontè Hynes, Solange Knowles
  • Lyrics: Devontè Hynes, Melanie Fiona, Solange Knowles
  • Producer: Solange Knowles, Devontè Hynes
  • Label: Saint Records

Lyrics interpretation of the song

The following is a possible interpretation of the lyrics to Lovers In The Parking Lot by Solange. Please note that these are only approximations of the lyrics and these interpretations make no claim to accuracy or correctness. It is possible that the interpretations may not reflect the intentions of the songwriters of Lovers In The Parking. Therefore, consider them only an attempt at song interpretation.

The lyrics consist of 37 lines.

The song Lovers In The Parking Lot is about a relationship that falls apart. The protagonist knows that her partner loves her, but that's not enough for her, she loves the thrill, the adventure of new love relationships. She played with her partner's heart and put their relationship at risk. The protagonist regrets her behavior towards her partner and realizes that the relationship came to an end because of her affairs.

The song title can be derived from the lyrics. The lyrics say that she "chased" her lovers in the parking lot, presumably to be able to initiate new affairs.

What music magazines wrote about 'Lovers In The Parking Lot'

Under the Radar

"Showing off some big hair and big solo dance moves by Knowles, directors Peter J. Brant and Emily Kai Bock filmed the whole thing in a Houston flea marktet."[1]

The Guardian

"(...) Lovers in the Parking Lot was produced by Dev Hynes (Lightspeed Champion, Blood Orange) who once again masks a lyric about a slowly disintegrating relationship by embedding Solange's vocal among shimmering synths, disco beats and twinkling piano."[2]


"Made with The Creators Project, a partnership between Intel and VICE, and directed by Solange, Peter J. Brant and Emily Kai Bock, it was filmed at Houston's Kings Flea Market this past spring."[3]


"The song, another collaboration with Dev “Blood Orange” Hynes, is more retro-skewed pop heartache, with Reading Rainbow guitar flickers giving way to a brooding bass line, painterly keyboard flurries, and a lovely, harmony-layered breakdown."[4]


"The 27-year-old singer dances through empty commercial spaces—from a fluorescent-lit hallway, to a basement cafeteria arcade and pawn shop, to a Houston-area mall where Bun B once worked (check his choreographed cameo at the 2:22 mark)."[5]


"She sings about paying the cost for not making up her mind about a man she loved, and the lyrics are full of nostalgic regret, but she's not beating herself up."[6]

Music Times

"The video shows Solange dancing through run-down commercial spaces and a Houston-area mall after closing time. She is wearing shimmering outfits and sneakers with light-up laces as she makes her way through hallways and past kiosks."[7]


"Appearing on Solange's upcoming EP True (dropping Nov. 27!), "Lovers In The Parking Lot" is a slow-burning soul ballad that describes the emotional fallout of recklessly mishandling someone's feelings: (...) "[8]

Rated R&B

"Solange delivers an ’80s-inspired visual for her groovy tune “Lovers in the Parking Lot” from her “True” EP."[9]


"Whereas "Losing You" bounced on a kind of airy funk, Dev Hynes' production here is far more lush: tentative, glimmering synthesizers shadow-dance with dry, glinting percussion and a kiss of house piano."[10]

DIY Magazine

"Although Solange’s latest full-length doesn’t look like gaining a 2013 release, it’s easy to forget she released the impressive ‘True’ EP back in 2012, with ‘Lovers In The Parking Lot’ being a standout."[11]

Consequence of Sound

"Like all seven tracks on the EP, “Lovers in the Parking Lot” features production by Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes — a silvery, warm, and soulful throwback to something Brandy might have done in 1995."[12]

Beat Magazine (Australia)

"At its core, Lovers In The Parking Lot is classic R&B balladry. That chorus, and Solange’s tasteful vocal gymnastics, are pretty darn incredible."[13]


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