23 Best Songs about Living in the Moment (Now-Time)

For us humans, living in the moment, in the present, is important for our mental well-being. Unfortunately, too many people don't take living in the present (now-time) seriously enough, it's nothing but a hollow phrase to them. But brooding about what went wrong in the past and being afraid of the future, what bad things might happen, is not the way to live a happy, peaceful life.
If you ever find yourself drifting too much from the present, just listen to the songs in this list.

1. The Time Is Now - Moloko

In the song The Time Is Now by the band Moloko, there is a call to enjoy the present moment, living now right at this time.
You wouldn't necessarily expect such a profound lyric from a dance track, but there is a lot of wisdom in it.

2. Now is the Time - Jade Bird

Now is the Time by Jade Bird is an encouragement song that is addressed to a specific person, but can certainly apply to everyone: It doesn't matter if the sun doesn't shine and what crap other people talk about you, getting upset won't do any good, instead you should take action now.

3. Now - Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble describes their musical style itself as "now music" oder "hypnotic". In the nearly instrumental track Now a single word appears several times, it's "now". So, the lyrics for this piece of music are: "now (...) now (...)".

4. Live Now - Nas (feat. Scarlett)

In Live Now, Nas sings about living now and enjoying every second before it's too late, because everyone dies one day.

5. Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim

In the Fatboy Slim song Right Here, Right Now, Angela Bassett's voice is sampled from the movie Strange Days. In a movie scene of Strange Days, Mace tells Lenny, "This is your life, right here, right now," from which Mace's words "Right Here, Right Now" were eventually sampled for the song.[1]

6. Beth Gibbons - Floating On A Moment

Beth Gibbons became known to a wider audience primarily as the singer of the English band Portishead, which was both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. She has worked with numerous musicians, including well-known artists such as Rustin Man (Paul Webb, Talk Talk bassist), Annie Lennox, Jane Birkin and Kendrick Lamar. With her 2024 solo debut single Floating On A Moment, Beth Gibbons has released a song that, at the end of it, unequivocally states that all we have is the here and now.

7. Right Here Right Now - Jesus Jones

In 1990, the song Right Here, Right Now by Jesus Jones was released. The song was inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall and reflects the optimistic moment shortly after the fall of the Wall.[2]

8. Right This Second - deadmau5

Next on this list, we have Deadmau5's 2010 song Right This Second, another musical way to focus on the present second and live in the moment.

9. Live Now - Bananarama

10. It's Now or Never - Elvis Presley

11. Now Or Never - Kendrick Lamar (feat. Mary J. Blige)

12. Now Or Never - Tom Novy (feat. Lima)

13. Now or Never - The Roots (feat. Phonte & Dice Raw)

14. Now Is the Time - Jimmy James & The Vagabonds

15. Ahora - Bomba Estéreo

16. Now or Never - Quantic (feat. Alice Russell)

17. Living In the Moment - Jason Mraz

18. Living in the Moment - Katharine McPhee

19. Live in the Moment - Craig David ft. GoldLink

20. Live In The Moment - Portugal. The Man

21. Be Here Now - George Harrison

22. Be Here Now - Ray LaMontagne

23. Now or Never - Buvette


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