Best Moon Songs written on Earth Vol. 1 (30 Tracks)

Moon Songs Vol.1 compiled by

As the Earth’s only natural satellite and closest celestial body, the moon inspires us to a particular degree in art, such as painting, literature and, of course, music. The moon as the main theme in pieces of music can be found in a wide musical spectrum.Let’s start our musical journey to the moon with Nick … Read more

These 22 Don’t Worry Songs Are About Worrying Less

Don't Worry Songs About Worrying Less

This list is about songs that can draw attention to the uselessness of worrying. Sometimes there are good and important reasons to worry and sometimes not. Try to give an approximate answer to the following question: Out of 10 times a day you worry, how many times was there definitely no reason to worry? If … Read more

26 Of The Coolest Sprechgesang Songs #1

Cool Sprechgesang Songs Vol.1

Why are more and more lead singers of bands talking instead of singing and why is that cool? First of all, let’s translate the term “Sprechgesang”, it translates as: spoken singing. In bands that use Sprechgesang as an alternative way of expressing language to singing, you will mainly not hear the singers singing a melody. If … Read more

30 Of The Best New Zealand Female Indie Singers & Bands #1

Best of New Zealand Female Indie Singers & Bands

Although New Zealand only has around 5 million inhabitants, the New Zealand indie music scene is internationally renowned far beyond the country’s borders. Some female indie singers from New Zealand, who are of course also listed in our music list here, have achieved international chart success and fame.  But we also have New Zealand female indie artists … Read more Remix Compilation #1 (40 Epic Remixes)

Remix Compilation Vol. 1

There are so many remixes, often several for one song. But not every remix has what it takes to become a timeless classic. It is popular to take a song that is not electronic and originally not backed with dance beats, which is not suitable for the clubs, and make it accessible to the dance community … Read more

15 Things To Do While Listening To Music

Best Things to Do While Listening to Music

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the opportunity to take time out to listen to music and do nothing else at the same time.But there are ways to listen to music and do another activity at the same time. It is important that listening to music and these activities do not interfere with each other.I have … Read more

22 Best Songs about Galaxies

Best Songs about Galaxies

In our everyday life on earth, we are not so much aware of the fact or somehow cannot really imagine that our solar system with our sun and the eight planets is located in a galaxy, namely the Milky Way.But that is a fascinating thought. Because in our Milky Way alone, our galaxy, there are … Read more

40 Of The Best 2020s Female Indie Singers & Bands – Vol. 1

2020s' Best Female Indie Singers & Bands

Are you looking for the best female indie singers and bands of the 2020s? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because I’ve compiled the most promising female singers and bands with female singers for you in this list.  These women started performing indie music in the 2020s or started their singing careers earlier and really took … Read more

20 Of The Best Dream Pop Songs – Vol. 1

Best Dream Pop Songs Vol. 1

Dream pop is not so easy to put in a pigeonhole. It is a style of alternative rock and its musical origins can be traced back from gothic rock to the Beach Boys, The Byrds, The Velvet Underground & Nico. The emergence of Dream Pop is closely linked to the British alternative music label 4AD, … Read more

Jon Hopkins – Everything Connected

Jon Hopkins - Everything Connected

Everything Connected is a track by English electronic musician Jon Hopkins. There is an Official Audio (Animated Video) for Everything Connected on YouTube.Official Music Video Year of release: 2018Type of music release: singleFrom the album: SingularityMusic genre: ElectronicProducer: Jon HopkinsLabel: DominoOfficial Website: What music magazines wrote about ‘Everything Connected’The FADER “On Wednesday afternoon, he … Read more

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