19 Best Songs about Pressure

When the intensity and frequency of unpleasant and difficult things in life becomes too much for us humans, we speak of being under pressure. This mental pressure is comparable to high stress.
In physics, there is measurable pressure, a force that acts on bodies.
This song list is mostly about mental pressure, which affects us in our life situations sometimes more or less strongly.

1. Under Pressure - Queen & David Bowie

The song Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie is about the pressure we humans are under. The question is asked whether we give love a chance before it is too late.

2. Pressure - Billy Joel

Billy Joel had to experience firsthand that stress can be a hindrance to one's creativity. He suffered from writer's block due to stress, which led to the song Pressure. But not only his writer's block, but also the difficult times, especially the tense situation of the USA at that time resulted in this song.[1]

3. Under The Pressure - The War on Drugs

The song Under The Pressure by The War on Drugs seems to be about pressure in a relationship. From an important section in the song lyrics, it can be understood from the words that it would be better to take a different path. The alternative would be to watch everything fall apart.

4. Part One - Hey, No Pressure - Ray LaMontage

In the lyrics of the song Hey, No Pressure the singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne describes how someone is breaking down under the pressure. The singer wants to help and emphasizes "Hey, no pressure" again and again in the song.

5. Pressure - My Brightest Diamond

The song Pressure by My Brightest Diamond describes the huge pressure necessary for diamonds to be created.

6. Pressure - Muse

In the song Pressure by Muse, the singer describes how the pressure, presumably caused by a person close to him, becomes greater and greater for him and he tries to get out of it.

7. Pressure - Little Simz feat. Little Dragon

The song Pressure by Little Simz is about the difficulties in the singer's life that have taken a toll on her. But she doesn't let the pressure get her down, she just wants to do her thing, be free in life and keep going on her way.

8. No Pressure - The Kooks

The song No Pressure by The Kooks is about how a couple should just enjoy the good times together with no pressure at all.

9. Pressure - Ari Lennox

For the song Pressure by Ari Lennox, we don't need to add what it's about. When you hear the text, you will already know.

10. Drop the Pressure - Mylo

There is also a remix version of the Mylo track Drop the Pressure, Mylo vs. Miami Sound Machine - Doctor Pressure, in which the track was mixed with Dr. Beat from Miami Sound Machine.

11. The Art of Peer Pressure - Kendrick Lamar 

In an online article about the 50 best Kendrick Lamar songs, Rolling Stone writes the following about the song:
"”The Art of Peer Pressure” is a testament to the perils of masculinity and proximity;"[2]

12. Pressure Machine - The Killers

Pressure Machine is the title track on The Killers' album of the same name. Atwood Magazine described in a review the album like this:
"Tales of loss and tragedy, depression and disenchantment, nostalgia and longing comprise the band’s most visceral and vulnerable exploration of small town life and the poignant pursuit of the American dream."[3]

13. No Pressure - Mahalia

Atwood Magazine sums up Mahalia's track No Pressure as follows:
"A slow, methodical track that contrasts mellow production, with hurt, slightly cynical lyrics. Here, she details the high expectations of the music industry, while repeating the ironic mantra “No Pressure.”[4]

14. No Pressure - Little Boots

In the song No Pressure by Little Boots, the singer describes how the phrase 'No Pressure' makes it seem so easy to cope with difficult situations. But it can be seen from the lyrics of the track that such a rigid phrase alone is far from enough.

15. Pressure - Paramore

It continues with the band Paramore and the song Pressure. In our opinion, the lyrics here describe that the pressure in a relationship has become too great. This means that each partner is better off without the other.

16. Ultra Naté - Release the Pressure

17. High Pressure Days - The Units

Next on this list is High Pressure, a song by the now-defunct San Francisco new wave band The Units. The lyrics compare the behavior of us humans in this fast-moving world with that of fast-moving water molecules H20.

18. Pressure - Dirty Vegas

In the progressive house track by Dirty Vegas, the singer describes that he cannot withstand the pressure, the temperature rises, he gets feverish symptoms.

19. Got Me Under Pressure - ZZ Top

Got Me Under Pressure by ZZ Top is about how a woman's excessive lifestyle becomes too much for the singer and puts him under pressure. Finally he decides to tell her it's over.


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