15 Things To Do While Listening To Music

Unfortunately, we don't always have the opportunity to take time out to listen to music and do nothing else at the same time.
But there are ways to listen to music and do another activity at the same time. It is important that listening to music and these activities do not interfere with each other.
I have put together 15 great opportunities to listen to music that complement listening to music perfectly.


Listen to music while ironing

Ironing is not exactly the most exciting activity and for some it can get a bit monotonous and boring. Why not use the time while ironing to listen to your favorite music?

Washing dishes

Listen to music while washing dishes

Washing dishes is a household chore that you do pretty much every day if you don't have a dishwasher. Doing the dishes doesn't have to be a chore if you can listen to your favorite music or radio at the same time.


Listen to music while showering

Showering is also an activity that invites you to listen to music. However, please note that you will need waterproof Bluetooth speakers or a waterproof shower radio suitable for the bathroom.


Listen to music while coding

If you're a coder who can't make progress or if you just can't get into a state of flow during your coding work, then the right music can bring you closer to it.

Doing laundry

Listen to music while doing laundry

It usually takes more than an hour to wash and dry your laundry. Next time you have to do another load of laundry at the laundromat, have your headphones with you, connect them to your smartphone and listen to your favorite music.


Listen to music while cooking

If you're passionate about cooking, preparing a meal can take longer than an hour. So it's good to have your music playlist ready to listen to while you cook.


Listen to music while baking

Do you like to bake a cake, bread or other treats from time to time? Listening to music while baking can boost your creativity to try out new baking recipes.


Listen to music while gaming

Video games are fun, but can be quite exhausting in the long run because you're looking intently at the screen for a long time. A playlist with relaxing and motivating music can be a good balance when gaming gets stressful.


Listen to music while cleaning

Do you know that too? It's time to clean your home again, vacuum, mop the floor, dust. It takes a bit of effort. But if you combine cleaning with your favorite music, you'll be more motivated to tackle this necessary task.


Listen to music while studying

The music you listen to is important when learning. If the music makes you nervous and impatient, if it distracts you too much, then certain types of music don't make sense for learning. The music should also ideally not contain any words, i.e. no lyrics, rather instrumental.[1]

Drawing or painting

Listen to music while drawing or painting

Creativity is required when painting or drawing. You become a real artist when you create something new. This works best with inspiration. Listening to music has helped many an artist to create something so beautiful that no one before them has succeeded.


Listen to music while running

Some enjoy the silence and the sounds of nature while jogging. Others need motivation to run longer distances. There are special playlists with motivating songs that give you a tailwind, figuratively speaking, to get you closer to your running goal.


Listen to music while waiting

There are countless ways of waiting in everyday life. At the doctor's or in the administration waiting room, in the queue at the supermarket checkout or in front of the ice cream parlor in summer. Take your smartphone or MP3 player, put on your headphones and make longer waiting times more pleasant by listening to your music.


Listen to music while working out

Motivation and endurance are required in the gym and music is a great motivator. Nowadays, you no longer need to wear heavy and large headphones, which can sometimes be a nuisance. It's also less hygienic if your sweat runs into the ear pads of your over-ear headphones. It's more pleasant to listen to your music in the gym with in-ear headphones that connect via Bluetooth.

Meditating & Yoga

Listen to music while meditating

Especially if you are a beginner at meditation or yoga, specially tailored music will help you not to get too lost in your thoughts and not to jump from one association to the next and not find your way back to the object of meditation.


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