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20 Best Dream Pop Songs – Vol. 1

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Best Dream Pop Songs Vol. 1

Dream pop is a style of music that is not designed to land commercially in …

Jon Hopkins – Everything Connected

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Jon Hopkins - Everything Connected

Everything Connected is a track by English electronic musician Jon Hopkins. There is an Official …

HAIM – Forever

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Forever by HAIM

Forever by american indie pop band Haim was released in 2012. There is an official …

Reflekt feat. Delline Bass – Need To Feel Loved

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Need to Feel Loved by Reflekt feat. Delline Bass

Need to Feel Loved by British Electronic Music Duo Reflekt was released in the year 2005. …

Buscabulla – Caer

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Caer by Buscabulla

Caer by Puerta Rican band Buscabulla was released in 2014. You can watch the official music …

Lorn – Acid Rain

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Acid Rain by Lorn

Acid Rain is a track by American electronic music artist Lorn (birth name: Marcos Ortega) …

Laurie Anderson – O Superman

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O Superman by Laurie Anderson

American avant-garde musician Laurie Anderson released the single O Superman in October 1981. For a …

Kirin J. Callinan feat. Connan Mockasin – Living Each Day

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Living Each Day by Kirin J. Callinan feat. Connan Mockasin

Living Each Day is a song by Australian singer-songwriter Kirin J. Callinan, with featured New …

Olympia – Smoke Signals

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Smoke Signals by Olympia

Smoke Signals was released in March 2016 by Australian singer-songwriter Olympia, who is also a …

28 Best Songs about Downtown, Inner City

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Songs about Downtown

Downtown (the word is used predominantly in North America for city center) is the pulsating …

Hot Chip – Need You Now

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Need You Now by Hot Chip

Need You Now is the second official single of Hot Chip’s sixth studio album Why …

Oumou Sangaré – Kamelemba

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Kamelemba by Oumou Sangaré

Kamelemba is a song by Malian Wassoulou musician Oumou Sangaré, included as the fifth track …

Santigold – Disparate Youth

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Disparate Youth by Santigold

Disparate Youth is the lead single from Santigold’s second album. Santigold is an american singer-songwriter …

Solange – Lovers In The Parking Lot

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Lovers In The Parking Lot by Solange

Solange Knowles released the single Lovers In The Parking Lot in September 2013, and it …

Ryan Adams – Shake It Off (Taylor Swift Cover)

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Ryan Adams - Shake It Off - Song

Shake It Off is a Taylor Swift cover by American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams.  To mark the …

Savoy Motel – Sorry People

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Sorry People by Savoy Motel

Sorry People is a single release by American band Savoy Motel from their 2016 debut …

12 Best Songs with Anthem or Hymn in the Title

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Best Songs with 'Anthem' or 'Hymn' in Title

Before we get to the best songs with the word ‘anthem’ or ‘hymn’ in the …

Patrick Watson – Love Songs for Robots

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Love Songs for Robots by Patrick Watson

Love Songs for Robots is the first track on Canadian indie rock band Patrick Watson’s …

Dorsal Fins – Monday Tuesday

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Monday Tuesday by Dorsal Fins

Monday Tuesday by Australian indie-pop band Dorsal Fins is the second track from their album …

Austra – Utopia

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Utopia by Austra

Utopia was released on October 20, 2016 as the first single from Austra’s third studio …

Otis Redding – (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay

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(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding won two Grammy Awards in …

18 Best Songs about Pressure

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Best Songs about Pressure

When the intensity and frequency of unpleasant and difficult things in life becomes too much …

8 Best Buffy Sainte-Marie Songs (Handpicked)

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Buffy Sainte-Marie handpicked songs

Did you know that one of the most famous movie songs of the 80s was …

22 Best Songs about Living in the Moment (Now-Time)

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Best Songs about Living in the Moment

For us humans, living in the moment, in the present, is important for our mental …

12 Best Songs About Enjoying Life

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Songs about Enjoying Your Life

Everyone wants to enjoy life, but somehow humanity does not yet have the key to …

The Aardvarks – Subconscious Train Of Thought

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Subconscious Train of Thought by The Aardvarks

Subconscious Train of Thought is a song by American garage band The Aardvarks from 1968. …

Pierre Passereau – Il est bel et bon

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'Il est bel et bon' by Pierre Passereau

Il est bel et bon is a chanson (choral work) by French composer Pierre Passereau, …

32 Best Songs About Silence

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Best Silence Songs

After listening to following songs about silence and quiet things in life, you may feel …

Lindstrøm – I Feel Space

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I feel space by Lindstrøm

I Feel Space is a track by Norwegian DJ, music producer Lindstrøm (Hans-Peter Lindstrøm) and …

Bicep – Atlas

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Atlas by Bicep

Atlas is a breakbeat/house track by Northern Irish band Bicep from 2020 and the first …

Neil Young – Cortez the Killer

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Cortez the Killer by Neil Young

On November 10, 1975, the Neil Young single Cortez the Killer was released. The song …

LA Priest – Oino

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Oino by LA Priest

Oino is a song by British musician Samuel Eastgate, which he released under his music …

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Turn Into

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Turn Into by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Turn Into is a song by American indie band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, released as a …

Katy J Pearson – Take Back The Radio

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Take Back The Radio by Katy J Pearson

Take Back The Radio is a 2020 song by English singer-songwriter Katy J Pearson. It …

Margo Guryan – Sunday Morning

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Sunday Morning by Margo Guryan

The song Sunday Morning by American singer-songwriter Margo Guryan is the first track on her sole …

Is Listening to Music a Hobby? It Depends.

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Is listen to music a hobby?

According to a study, adults listen to music for an average of 18 hours per …

16 Best Songs About Trouble in Life

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Best songs about trouble in our life

This song list is about trouble in our life, the seemingly unsolvable problems, often produced …

32 Best Indie Songs of 2013

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best indie songs 2013

The most commercially successful songs are being played up and down the radio. Certainly, there is …

34 Best Songs About Breathing – So, First Take A Breath

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Songs About Breathing

The cycle of breathing accompanies us our whole life, like day and night, high and …

4 Best Songs About Actresses (Female Movie Stars)

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Songs about Actresses

To say it right at the beginning: unfortunately, we were able to compile fewer songs …

9 Best Songs About Actors (Male Movie Stars)

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Songs about Actors

Actors are inspired by musicians, singers. It’s the same the other way around, as this …

‘I Go To Sleep’ Song: Pretenders, Peggy Lee …

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„I Go to Sleep“ Song Pretenders, Peggy Lee

You may not have known it, but the song “I Go To Sleep” was originally …

2010s‘ 38 Best U.S. Female Indie Singers & Bands

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2010s‘ U.S. Female Indie Singers & Bands

If you search the internet for indie bands and indie singers from a certain decade, …

‘I‘ve Been Waiting for You’ Song: Neil Young, David Bowie …

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„I‘ve Been Waiting For You“ Neil Young & David Bowie

With the tune „I‘ve Been Waiting For You“, we have a powerful original and cover …

19 Best Songs With Animal Sounds (Real Noises)

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Songs with Animal Sounds

In this song list we have compiled the best songs with real animal sounds.  In addition …

‘Bette Davis Eyes’ Song: Jackie deShannon, Kim Carnes …

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Bette Davis Eyes Original & Cover Version

Bette Davis Eyes is once again such an extraordinary song, which became world famous only …

12 Best Songs about Sunday including 4 Sunday Morning Tunes

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Songs about Sunday (Morning)

You may not believe it, but Sunday is not the most popular day of the …

20 Best Melancholic Indie Songs of UK‘s Bittersweet 80s

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Melancholic Indie Songs UK 80s

The punk music from the 70s paved the way for considerable 80s bands of new …

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